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Important Update: 8th Jan 2010 – You can now download the latest state-of-the-art "Body Transformation Tracker" Software completely free of charge – this can be used instead of the exercise log sheet.

That's free to download AND use, there is no catch whatsoever! For full details on this amazing software click the link below.

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Update: 2nd May 2009 – I have now added version 2 of this software for download which was kindly updated and set to me by John Morrisett – thanks.

Whenever you start any sort of exercise routine, whether that is a bodybuilding program or any sort of cardio workout program, you really need to set goals in order to stay motivated and keep you on track. On this page I have published my own exercise log sheet and charting program that is completely free for you to download and use. I also provide full instructions and screenshots to help get you started…

 Exercise Log Sheet

(click the image to see a full-sized version)

About the Exercise log Sheet

I generally change my fitness routine every 12 weeks in order to add variation to my fitness program, so my exercise log sheet is based on a 12 week fitness routine, but it can be used for any number of weeks as you wish. Every week I check my body mass index (BMI) and weight and update them to the spreadsheet. I log how many times I do a weight training sessions and cardio sessions per week.

Every time I update any of the figures, the spreadsheet automatically re-charts the graphs so I can see an instant picture of my targets and progress. Above is a screenshot of a completed example workout plan, which is also included in the downloadable exercise log sheet. Next I explain how to use the Exercise log Sheet for logging your workout plans…

Set Some Personal Workout Goals

The very first time you use the spreadsheet, fill in your name, age, and height, plus record your current weight and BMI. You can then set-up some realistic goals, which could be increasing your lean muscle mass and maintaining your current BMI, or maybe losing body fat and decreasing your BMI. You will then need to add these goals to section shown in the following screenshot:

Set you personal workout plan goals

(click the image to see a full-sized version)

In the box on the left enter your Starting Weight, Target Weight, Starting BMI, Target BMI and the Actual Starting Date. The figures in the box on the right will then automatically updated as you update the spreadsheet. In the example we can see the target weight loss was 14lbs, but the actual weight was 10lbs.

Track your Training Sessions and Statistics

Week by week you will need to track your body weight, BMI, and the total number of both Aerobic and Weight Training sessions that you did. Try and remember to take your BMI and Body Weight readings on the same day of the week at roughly the same time. For example, I always take my readings on a Saturday morning before breakfast.

Note: BMI is kind of meaningless if you are gaining muscle mass, but it is worth tracking if you are just looking at losing fat. You can easily change BMI to Fat % if you have an accurate means to test body fat.

Set you personal workout plan goals  

(click the image to see a full-sized version)

If all the information is entered correctly then a series of graphs are produced by the exercise log sheet …

Weight Progress Chart

This chart shows your week-by-week body weight progress.

Weight Progress Chart

BMI Progress Chart

This chart shows your week-by-week BMI progress.

Body Mass Chart

Weight Lifting Sessions Vs Aerobic Sessions Chart

This chart tracks your total number of training sessions per week, split by aerobic and weight lifting sessions. I've charted it this way so you can easily see when your bodybuilding fitness program is in decline. You will often notice that your weight and BMI progress is slowed when your number of training sessions decreases!

Weight lifting program chart

Download the Software

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